Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting into the habit…

As you all may recall, in my last post I said I’d post a picture of the dump cake I made.  Well, that didn’t happen. Apparently I got up from the computer and my brain switched thought processes, and I failed to take a picture of it. Booooo!  I’ve got to get into the habit of taking before and after photos!  I totally re-organized my bathroom cabinet.  I even planned out ahead of time to take the before mess photo, and the after cuteness photo.

Well. All you get are the after shots.

IMAG0273      IMAG0274

I saw this fantastic idea on an organization blog called Delightful Order.  She’s got some great ideas in her blog!  I went to the Dollar tree and got the pink baskets, and I made labels with  Microsoft Excel, and then I cut those out and glued them to cute scrapbooking paper.  To finish I punched a hole in the label and tied a ribbon through the holes. It looks SO much nicer than  having a bunch of stuff just sitting on the shelves.  I’ll say almost every time I go into the bathroom now I have to open the cabinet to check out the cuteness of the baskets!  Lol!

Another project I did  was the baking cabinet.  I’m not all the way done, but I will post a semi-before picture….


Again I got the containers from Dollar Tree, and used the Excel program to make labels. I’m just learning how to do the labels from a tutorial at another awesome organization blog called I heart organizing.   I used contact paper from the Dollar Tree to stick the labels on. (All those years of labeling shelves at KinderCare are paying off! Lol!)  Like I said, I still have to finish this project, and I’ll be sure to take photos of it in the end. 


Seth went up to a Youth Retreat in Estes Park this weekend  so my Mom and Dad came down and took me to lunch at Q-doba before they had to pick him up at the church. (Jeremy was also up there running sound, so I was a bachelorette all weekend! ) When we walked in I was SO excited because there was a huge sign that said “We have whole wheat tortillas”!  YES!  Finally!  I opted to get a naked burrito this time, because I kind of want Jeremy to be the wheat tortilla tester. Sometimes they just aren’t good, and he’ll usually eat any kind of wheat thing.  I’ll give a review next time we go.


Most of you know that I’m a Preschool teacher.  I really like the group of talented teachers I’m blessed to work with!  Something that I LOVE about our school is the integration of special needs children. Even though those kiddos have a lot against them, they are welcomed into our classrooms and get the opportunity to function, learn,  and explore just as any ordinary child would.  I just watched a movie called  A Smile as Big as the Moon. It’s set in 1989, and is about a teacher who successfully petitions for his class of special needs students to get into Space Camp. I was smiling several time through the movie seeing the successes of these kids in a situation where they were expected to fail!  We’ve come a long way in the way we view and treat kiddos with special needs.  After seeing this movie, it just fuels the fire of knowing  how great our program is!  Find the movie and watch it!

*I hope that I’ve worded everything here correctly!





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