Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christmas Tree and Plans for the Moon….



I was recently going through a box of paperwork from when I was in Fourth grade, and found some weekly reader magazines!  It was so funny to read the articles and see what was “in” back in 1983/84.  I took a couple of screen shots of them:

     20130707_130508                           20130707_130558


Obviously we’re still working on the drug problem! And wow are “Robot Toys”A.K.A. Transformers back  from the dead!  Little did the creators know that there would be movies made about them! And I guess we fell behind on the Moon Base.  I think that plan was a little ambitious!  It was so fun to read through these!

Weigh In Thursday:

After the hospital ER and all of that jazz I thought I’d get really thrown off task. Especially since I had to stop walking for a bit.  I’ve been really watching what I’ve been eating, with treats every now and then, and it’s actually been working out well! My total loss as of this morning since my first post is –11 Pounds.  I’m curious as to what will happen after my surgery.  I’ll probably be on pain meds, and all of that crazy stuff that goes along with it, so I’ll have to give myself some grace.  If I do gain some, it will come right off after I start work because I’m constantly moving all day long.  This is one reason that I’m so happy that I lost this much! Usually over summer I gain weight!  Huzzah!

Back in December, we were determined to find a tree bag to store our Christmas tree in.  I happened to be walking around TJ Maxx and found one in the sale bin. (Score!)  So I happily brought it home with high hopes.  Here are some photos of Seth and Jeremy trying to shove the monstrosity into the bag.  Now our tree matched  every physical attribute that was listed on the bag as to what will fit inside it. I think they need  to re-assess these requirements.

IMAG0636 (1)                                 IMAG0637 (1)

So this is what we wound up with:  A lawn/garden bag for the top part of the tree,  the rest of it  gaping out the zipper of the bag, and a bloody hand. Fail!!!!

           IMAG0638       IMAG0634

So now this ridiculousness sits in the basement.  I’m not even sure if we’re going to use this tree this year. I’m tired of the light debacle that I encounter every year.

I should add that Seth and Jeremy both agree that we should just buy a body bag because the tree is sure to fit inside it.  Gross. Not happening, guys!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A night in the ER…..


As you all know, I’ve started walking to up my fitness level and loose weight. It’s been going really well, and I’ve learned a lot about my body. For instance I can’t walk in heat.  It’s got to be below 72 degrees or I’ll feel yucky from walking in  the sun.  I also need to drink water and eat a proper meal before I go out and walk. Well, yesterday in ideal walking conditions right when I hit mile 1, I started to feel like a vertigo dizzy feeling.  I slowed my pace waaaay down for the rest until I got home. Then I felt crappy the rest of the day. I made an appointment for the doctor so I could go get it checked out. (I go to that appointment today at 1:00.)  Well right before Jeremy got home from work I started to get this pain on my breast bone. Not sharp, but almost like when you need to pop your ribs at the chiropractor.  I got a little concerned when it would come and go for a while.  We decided around 7:30 to go ahead to the Urgentcare/ER.  Better safe than sorry. 

We walked in and right when I told the desk clerk why we were there she called and got us in right away. No wait time. They hooked me up to the EKG($$$$) machine and everything was clear and normal. (Whew!)  After what seemed a million hours I had to go for an ultrasound ($$$) of my gall bladder. Apparently it can mimic the type of pain I was having.  This part was actually really hard for me, because I wanted an ultrasound, but not for this reason. I had imagined my first ultrasound seeing a baby…..not looking for gall stones. After that we went back to our room, which was a “sitting” room, meaning that I was in a chair that someone who would need something removed from an eye or ear would sit in. I later found out that it can recline, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Now it was time to give some blood for more tests. ($$$$) I also had to drink a concoction of Maalox and a numbing solution that would numb my esophagus and chest.  Weirdest. Feeling. Ever!  About 5 minutes after I drank this solution, I started to feel really nauseous and light headed.  I started sweating and getting really hot. The whole room was spinning, and Jeremy said I turned pale white.  I threw up into the trash can, and then all I  heard was the air conditioner in my ears. All of a sudden about 5 people were in my room talking and planning. Two people came around the chair and laid down the back of the chair. Thank goodness they did, because I sure felt better!  That was so scary!  Apparently my heart rate went down to 20!!!  But right after I laid down all of my vitals shot right back up to where they needed to be. (Again, whew!)  One of the Doc’s said that I was sitting on the nerve that usually affects elderly people when you hear about them passing out on the toilet. Same thing here. They ran another EKG ($$$$) and again, all clear. And they hooked up an I.V. ($$$$) 2 bags to be exact!


After everyone cleared out, Jeremy leaned over me and said, “Um. Honey….I think you wet yourself”.  Oh great!  I pissed myself in the ER. Just what I needed! So I had to put on these paper pants and thread underwear.

20130701_230218                     20130701_230221

Fun times. All of my other tests came back normal, so they are pretty sure the symptoms were from my gall bladder, which in turn did have stones in it.  While we were waiting to be released, Jeremy was sweet and read aloud to me from the book he was reading on his iPad called Wild At Heart. Finally around 12:30 A.M. we were released. Today I have to call the surgeon to schedule a consult. I’ve never had any sort of surgery or anything where I’ve had to be put under anesthesia so I’m nervous!   I’ll let you all know what the plan is. Until then, I’m taking it easy.

On the way home, I told Jeremy the whole “almost passing out incident”  felt like this scene from A Knight’s Tale with all of the people standing above me.