Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home….



It’s been pretty fun getting the house ready for fall. I’ve had a couple of projects in the works, and I have finally finished the big one.  Here are a couple photos of  the process:

I had seen a picture of this type of 3 tiered decoration for the porch on pinterest, and decided to make my own variation of it.

I got 3 different sizes of planters from Wal-Mart, letter stickers from Archivers (43% off coupon, baby!!!), and luckily I had adhesive spray on hand for this project. 



First I added a little ribbon around the smallest planter using a glue gun to make the bumps.

I then added the stickers spelling out “home sweet home”. 

*sigh* If only it was that easy. See, there’s a little thing called stickers-won’t-stick-to-plastic, so I had to get creative to make the buggers stick!  Luckily I had that adhesive I talked about, sprayed it across the front of the planter, and very messily add the letters.  Yep. My fingers were very sticky afterwards.  When I decided to add the numbers of our address at the bottom, apparently I didn’t think about measuring it, so it’s completely not centered! Bugger! 

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put fall plants in the planters, or add fall d├ęcor to it.  Unfortunately my bank account decided for me, so I used some decorations I already had for now. Who’s frugal? This girl!  Ha-ha!

Here is the finished product after adding the cutie scarecrows:IMAG0535

I may add some little sprigs of fall foliage I have to the planters too….we’ll see.

Until next time!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall adventures!!!


Yesterday Jeremy and I went up on a drive in the mountains through Guanella pass.  We met 6 years ago yesterday, and we like to re-trace our steps through the pass, and then have dinner at Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs.  It was the perfect day to look at the aspen trees!  The weather was great, and there was no traffic!  I would urge you all to go on a Monday afternoon to beat the crowds to view the aspens! It was awesome!

PICT0167           PICT0168

We even found a huge waterfall that we hadn’t ever seen before. That prompted a little backwoods hike so we could find the perfect spot for pictures.

PICT0180                               PICT0192


Today it is overcast, chilly, and moist.  I LOVE it!!!  I’ve got the candles going, and my soft pajama bottoms on.  Time to unwind from the day….

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tis’ the season for pinterest crafting….


Everyone should know by now my affinity for all things Christmas. I could listen to Christmas music every day. All. Year. Long. It’s only September, and I am itching to get into my Christmas boxes. I mentioned to Jeremy that since it is in fact September, it gives me the right to start my decorating process for fall time. Right?  Last Christmas was tough for me.  We were having serious trouble with unemployment, and we had literally  zero money to spend on gifts for people. I didn’t even have money to make gifts to give people.  It sucked. Now, I know that gift giving isn’t what it’s all about, but I like to give to people when I can.  This year though, I have high hopes.  I’ve started planning for Christmas early instead of waiting until the last minute. I’m sure this little bundle of holiday fun would have helped me last year in a big way.

I now present to you, the Christmas planning binder-



I bought a red binder from Wal-Mart, a fun pack of Christmas scrapbooking paper from Archiver’s with a 43% off coupon, and made sure I had my double sided craft tape handy. For the cover I chose 3 pages whose colors matched in a quirky way, cut and pasted them together to make the background, then I added the Christmas and Joy stickers. I finished off the look with the Christmas tree. All of these stickers came with the scrapbook kit.


I cropped the pages to 10”x 11” so they would stick out a little bit from the binder when I hole punch them. I wanted to be able to see the page tabs sticking out of the binder for easier access. For the tabs, I cut the extra paper into rectangles, wrote the section name, and then laminated it on my creative laminating machine. I then used really good quality packaging tape to tape them onto the pages.



For the tabs, I cut the extra paper into rectangles, wrote the section name, and then laminated it on my creative laminating machine. I used really good quality packaging tape to tape them onto the pages.

I searched on Pinterest to find pages to go with each section, and really they are SO easy to make on your own computer that you can make your own.

The sections I made are:



*Card distribution list


*Gift planner

*Wish lists

*Ideas and cut-outs


Viola! The finished product-


The tabs look a little crooked, but it’s just because I have the binder standing on its side.

On a side note….I’m still working on taking good pictures. At least with these I’ve posted, I actually used a real camera and not my cell phone. We’re getting a newer digital camera soon, so hopefully that will help with quality.

Now for your viewing pleasure…..a Christmas song and video by my second favorite guy, Michael Buble.


Merry Christmas!!!