Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall adventures!!!


Yesterday Jeremy and I went up on a drive in the mountains through Guanella pass.  We met 6 years ago yesterday, and we like to re-trace our steps through the pass, and then have dinner at Tommyknockers in Idaho Springs.  It was the perfect day to look at the aspen trees!  The weather was great, and there was no traffic!  I would urge you all to go on a Monday afternoon to beat the crowds to view the aspens! It was awesome!

PICT0167           PICT0168

We even found a huge waterfall that we hadn’t ever seen before. That prompted a little backwoods hike so we could find the perfect spot for pictures.

PICT0180                               PICT0192


Today it is overcast, chilly, and moist.  I LOVE it!!!  I’ve got the candles going, and my soft pajama bottoms on.  Time to unwind from the day….

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