Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home….



It’s been pretty fun getting the house ready for fall. I’ve had a couple of projects in the works, and I have finally finished the big one.  Here are a couple photos of  the process:

I had seen a picture of this type of 3 tiered decoration for the porch on pinterest, and decided to make my own variation of it.

I got 3 different sizes of planters from Wal-Mart, letter stickers from Archivers (43% off coupon, baby!!!), and luckily I had adhesive spray on hand for this project. 



First I added a little ribbon around the smallest planter using a glue gun to make the bumps.

I then added the stickers spelling out “home sweet home”. 

*sigh* If only it was that easy. See, there’s a little thing called stickers-won’t-stick-to-plastic, so I had to get creative to make the buggers stick!  Luckily I had that adhesive I talked about, sprayed it across the front of the planter, and very messily add the letters.  Yep. My fingers were very sticky afterwards.  When I decided to add the numbers of our address at the bottom, apparently I didn’t think about measuring it, so it’s completely not centered! Bugger! 

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to put fall plants in the planters, or add fall décor to it.  Unfortunately my bank account decided for me, so I used some decorations I already had for now. Who’s frugal? This girl!  Ha-ha!

Here is the finished product after adding the cutie scarecrows:IMAG0535

I may add some little sprigs of fall foliage I have to the planters too….we’ll see.

Until next time!


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