Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nursery reveal…..



Someone around here decided it would be a fabulous idea to put bead board in the nursery. Yep. That was me.  And the conversation in my head went something like this: “How hard could it be?”  “It will look so good!” “It can’t take too long could it?”. Um. Yes. It could take “that” long. Haha!

The room started out in a bright Mediterranean yellow color. It took 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of Glidden paint in the color Reed to cover it. We didn’t paint all the way to the bottom since it will be covered with the bead board. Click photos to enlarge.(Remember, my forte is absolutely NOT photography!)

  20140717_093746          20140717_093819

After we got the painting done, we started the bead board.  It takes a lot of measuring, cutting, measuring again, and trimming, and then cutting again. It was interesting cutting the holes for the outlets. I had seen a tutorial on a website that saved us!!!  We covered the bare outlet with painters tape, then colored it with chalk, then pressed the whole board against the wall. The outline of the outlet box then imprints onto the board thus making it easy to cut the hole with the proper dimensions.  Jeremy got the hang of it after the first one we  he did.

20140819_100607           20140819_100549

Finally we were finished!  We cold start to put together the dresser: (Blurry photo alert!!)


I got the lamp from Kirkland’s for $24.00, and added the little burlap lace and flower design. I then hot glued the little gem to the middle of it for extra bling.   (I always thought people meant Costco when they said Kirkland’s, because that’s their brand name for products they carry. But nope. It’s an amazing store in Lone Tree! Hit me up if you want to take a trip there.) 

Now we could start moving in the fun stuff!  I got a lot of the décor from my friend Kim who moved to California and downsized her belongings.  It SO helped to design this room with all of the things I got from her.  (Thanks, Kim! Miss you!)

It looks a little cramped in this shot, but It really isn’t.  I think it’s the way I’m holding the phone.  Also, the letters aren’t crooked like it looks here.  Good Lord I need a photographer!  I got the letters from JoAnne’s, and painted them a shiny brown, then hot glued pink ribbon to the back so I could then hang them.  That was the easiest project aside from the lamp burlap flower.  The pink ottoman used to be a bright, ugly pink color, but I bought some light pink softy material to cover it with. It looks much better this way, and it’s soft, soft, soft!

  20140923_080144          20140923_080241

My Aunt made the crocheted coat, hat, and blanket hanging here. They were too cute to just hang in the closet, so I had to display them.

     20140913_153956           20140923_080205

I got the baskets here from the dollar bins at Target. I tried to find all white ones, but after going to 3 Targets, and visiting each one several times to see if they would re-stock them, I gave in and got 3 pink ones.

I made the labels with Microsoft Excel, printed them, laminated them, and then hot glued them to the ribbon and the basket.


This is as you are walking in the door.  The picture used to be held up by a wire, but I removed that, and added pink ribbon instead.


Thus concludes the nursery tour. I really wish I had better photographic abilities!  Here’s a  bonus shot of the stinker, Marvin, just for fun. And let’s not leave out Miss Luna.

 20140829_155806       20140918_172121

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A long time coming……



November? That’s the last time I did an update???  Slap my hand!! In my defense, though, life did get a little crazy after January rolled around. In a good way.  In an exciting way.  (Although I can’t believe I didn’t post ONE thing about Christmas?? What in the world?). 

So. What’s been going on?  Well, in January we found out we were pregnant!  So exciting and fun. But boy was I nervous. After having a miscarriage prior to this great news, every symptom and lack of symptom was heightened by nerves and fear.  Part of that is the reason that I haven’t posted much at all during this whole pregnancy. The what-ifs spoke, and still speak loud in my ears.  I have sat down a bunch of times with this page open to write a post, or to share a photo of an ultrasound, but honestly I was scared to. Because if something happened, I would have to announce to everyone again that things didn’t go as planned.  And that scared the crap out of me. A lot.  In some ways it still does. (Even though as I sit here typing, I can feel my baby kicking against the laptop as healthy as ever.)

So how have the trimesters been treating me?  Well, I didn’t have any morning (or all day) sickness that a lot of women get. I was hungry All. The. Time. But nothing sounded good to eat because I did have food aversions.  That seemed to pass pretty quickly once I arrived at the second tri. I don’t really have strong send-my-husband-out-at-2 AM cravings, but McDonald’s Cheeseburgers are on my list of delicious wants, along with sweet things. Luckily fruit can pass as a sweet thing! I haven’t had any major symptoms during my third tri, but my thighs go numb if I stand too long when the bean is laying on my sciatic nerve.  It’s not pain, so I’m totally fine with that.  I also have carpal tunnel issues over night where my two middle fingers go numb, and then tingle with pain. It wakes me up frequently, so that’s annoying.  But it’s just a little nuisance.  I  haven’t had any back pain (thank God!) so I’ve been quite blessed.   Now I just have to get through labor and delivery. Yikes!

In a couple of weeks, I’ll post a tour of the nursery. We’re so close!  All we have to do is install one more shelf in the closet, and hang the drapery rods and wall décor.  Woohoo! Then we’ll be all set! 

Until then, here is a little reminder for us all:

365 days