Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Shelf Cuteness



This is my second week of sharing my weigh in results.  I was kind of dreading it because although I’ve been walking longer distances and eating really clean……week 2 of any weight loss is always the doom week.  I’ve seen it a billion time on The Biggest Loser, and it happened to me too.  I figured. 

Weigh in results:  Down .5 ounces.

Total loss: 5.0 Pounds.

Next week will be better. Week 3 usually rocks!



When Jeremy and I got married, one of the purchases we made were tall black shelves from Wal-Mart.  They are cheap-o shelves, but have served us well holding our readable materials, and sometimes DVD’s and CD’s.  Well, I’ve been wanting to fix them up a little to make them look more attractive, and I finally went and got some scrapbooking paper to do so.  My plan was to find yellow scrapbook paper with a design on it so I could tape it to the backing of the shelves.


Of course Hobby Lobby had the paper 50% off (score!), so I got 16 each, of two yellow designs. I alternated  the designs on each shelf.

Before:  Although I almost forgot to take pictures of the before…so one row is done already.

20130627_155818                           20130627_155833

I then scooted out the books a bit, and taped the paper to the inside backing. Doing this gives a little life to the otherwise cheap looking shelves and makes the books  ”pop”.


20130628_134943                         20130628_134956


Next week I’ll do a post about memory lane. Things from my past.  Later!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Upcoming Projects and Weigh In Thursday…..



One of the main projects that I want to accomplish this summer is painting the kitchen cabinets white. It will open the kitchen up and brighten it quite well.  Thanks to a friend at church, I found a great kit that has everything that I’ll need for doing the job.  Here is a link to the product. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.  I dread the mess….and the frustration, but it will look good!  Here are some before pictures:



I’m already planning for the fall and for Christmas thanks to this tree dying:


I’m terribly sad about losing this tree because it was SO beautiful in bloom!  But my plan is to make it pretty again by taking large branches, and placing them in cute buckets on the front porch and hanging lights from them for fall and Christmas.

Thursday weigh in=

Down 4.5 pounds this week!

It’s a good start!


I went to Estes Park on Thursday with my parents and Seth and walked around the downtown area. Boy was it busy!!!  I had my first experience with sweet potato tots. My. Oh. My. They were delicious!  I had 6 little tots out of my Dad’s basket and they were like candy!!!  It was my treat for the day.  Weeeeeelll….I guess I did have a tiny sliver of fudge sample at the Christmas store.  On the way back home I was starting to get a little car sick, so we stopped at a pull off on the side of the road when we saw it.  A face in a tree!  Seth and I had to take a picture with our new friend Bernie! 


It was quite a fun day!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey! I’m walkin’ here!!!!


It’s been quite a busy past couple of months. Buttoning up the finish of school, graduation for Seth, house guests, yard work, and lots of meetings and events.  Things are finally starting to settle down a bit so I can focus more on this blog. 

I hosted Seth’s graduation open house at my place, and I scrambled around  trying to think of fun and crafty things. Here is the luscious cake:


And the ice cream sundae bar:

20130608_110216          20130608_110246

One little crafty idea I had (which I wish I would have thought of for my graduation!!) was to have everyone who attended Seth’s graduation party sign his grad cap.  I set out sharpies in a glass cup so people would be encouraged to sign. 

20130608_110406        20130608_173558


Luna has been doing well! I need to take her in for a check up soon here just to be sure all it still well inside her little body. She has adjusted though. She’s also a big chicken. You should see her when we turn on the attic fan.  Chicken!


20130524_063137           20130325_162204

Towards the end of the school year, I had been feeling really sluggish and uncomfortable with myself. I think that’s just the worst un-sexy feeling ever! I know that it’s from not eating right and lack of activity. So as the school year came to finalization, I had made a goal to start walking and adding in more activity to my days since I wouldn’t be working.  I’m happy to report that I have stuck to that goal so far, and I notice that I do feel better!  I also know that I can’t sleep in! If I do, I get that sluggish tired feeling.  So I get up before Jeremy leaves for work, get him all set to go, and then right when he leaves I change and head out to walk. I realize that I like to walk in the low 70’s, so it fits perfectly to do the deed early on when it’s cooler.

I have read several blogs that post  a weigh in day.  I’m not comfortable posting my weight yet….but I do want to weigh in every Thursday from now on. I’ll report whether I’ve lost or gained.  I’m believing that my posting it on here will give me some accountability to really stick to it! My goal is to loose 50 pounds.  After I conquer that, I’ll make a new goal. But for now….it’s 50.

It used to annoy the crap out of me on Pinterest when people would post sayings that had to do with fitness….well now I’m hooked on the encouragement!  Here are a couple of ones I like:

                                    off ass


And of course: