Saturday, June 22, 2013

Upcoming Projects and Weigh In Thursday…..



One of the main projects that I want to accomplish this summer is painting the kitchen cabinets white. It will open the kitchen up and brighten it quite well.  Thanks to a friend at church, I found a great kit that has everything that I’ll need for doing the job.  Here is a link to the product. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it.  I dread the mess….and the frustration, but it will look good!  Here are some before pictures:



I’m already planning for the fall and for Christmas thanks to this tree dying:


I’m terribly sad about losing this tree because it was SO beautiful in bloom!  But my plan is to make it pretty again by taking large branches, and placing them in cute buckets on the front porch and hanging lights from them for fall and Christmas.

Thursday weigh in=

Down 4.5 pounds this week!

It’s a good start!


I went to Estes Park on Thursday with my parents and Seth and walked around the downtown area. Boy was it busy!!!  I had my first experience with sweet potato tots. My. Oh. My. They were delicious!  I had 6 little tots out of my Dad’s basket and they were like candy!!!  It was my treat for the day.  Weeeeeelll….I guess I did have a tiny sliver of fudge sample at the Christmas store.  On the way back home I was starting to get a little car sick, so we stopped at a pull off on the side of the road when we saw it.  A face in a tree!  Seth and I had to take a picture with our new friend Bernie! 


It was quite a fun day!

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