Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Shelf Cuteness



This is my second week of sharing my weigh in results.  I was kind of dreading it because although I’ve been walking longer distances and eating really clean……week 2 of any weight loss is always the doom week.  I’ve seen it a billion time on The Biggest Loser, and it happened to me too.  I figured. 

Weigh in results:  Down .5 ounces.

Total loss: 5.0 Pounds.

Next week will be better. Week 3 usually rocks!



When Jeremy and I got married, one of the purchases we made were tall black shelves from Wal-Mart.  They are cheap-o shelves, but have served us well holding our readable materials, and sometimes DVD’s and CD’s.  Well, I’ve been wanting to fix them up a little to make them look more attractive, and I finally went and got some scrapbooking paper to do so.  My plan was to find yellow scrapbook paper with a design on it so I could tape it to the backing of the shelves.


Of course Hobby Lobby had the paper 50% off (score!), so I got 16 each, of two yellow designs. I alternated  the designs on each shelf.

Before:  Although I almost forgot to take pictures of the before…so one row is done already.

20130627_155818                           20130627_155833

I then scooted out the books a bit, and taped the paper to the inside backing. Doing this gives a little life to the otherwise cheap looking shelves and makes the books  ”pop”.


20130628_134943                         20130628_134956


Next week I’ll do a post about memory lane. Things from my past.  Later!

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