Saturday, November 23, 2013

Updates and a huge reality check.



I haven’t posted in quite some time. Life happens, and I just got busy with things. And one huge thing happened that I wasn’t ready to post about until now. (No. I’m not preggers.) I had surgery that you all know about in the end of July.  All is healed and well from that expensive episode.  Each bill that comes in seems to open a new wound, though. Haha. School started and I have two amazing classes with children I completely adore. Challenging at times, yes, but this year I am blessed with fantastic children, and amazing parents. (Some of whom are now friends and not just acquaintances.)  Everything was moving along smoothly……until the end of September. A week before our 6th Anniversary.


We had just finished our church service and went to Freddy’s with a bunch of people for dinner. On our way home, we stopped in the parking lot of a church to watch some very loud and awesome fireworks. After that was over, we continued on our way home. It was about 10:15 at night, and we had just turned down a pretty dark road in our neighborhood when all of a sudden there was a man walking in the middle of the road. We had no time to break or swerve….and we hit him. In the Jeep.  Let me tell you. In the movies when a person gets hit by a car, they get it right. Really right.  He flew up onto the hood of the Jeep, and then flew about 8 feet in front of us. I can’t even begin to tell you the feelings and thoughts going through my head at that moment.  Nerves, fear, anxiety,  are we going to jail, can I see a thestral now, is he dead, my life is changed forever, oh my God, oh my God. I always thought I’d be the person who would sit in the car and just rock myself in a situation like this. But we were out of the car in an instant. I was on the phone with 911, and thank God the man was alive. The police and paramedics got to the scene in like, 3 minutes. Amazing.  Come to find out that the guy was intoxicated. He was wearing dark clothes and had sunglasses on. Remember this is at 10 at night. Sunglasses. Awesome. There was blood. Not as much as I thought there would be. There were several people stopping to check out the scene right before the police came.  There was a lady who claimed to be a nurse, who ran over with her emergency care box. She got out some gauze to put on the man’s face. And she did not put on gloves! Not a nurse. Absolutely not a nurse. First rule of universal precautions. Glove up! After assessing the scene, the police kept telling us it’s not our fault and that we aren’t going to jail or anything. Obviously they saw that we were shocked and worried. Which we were.  The man got a ticket. We are in the clear.  The paramedics took the man away, and we filled out our accounts of what happened.  By that point, the adrenaline started to wear off, and I started to feel a little woozy.  How do you move on from something like this?  We had to go home and go to sleep so we could get up and go to church in the morning. Yeah right. I slept maybe an hour that night. Sporadically. I was glad we had to go to church though, because we had our support system around us, and were comforted by our friends.  The truth is, we have to move on. It wasn’t our fault. Even the insurance company ruled that it was not our fault.  Driving at night was really tough for a while after the accident.  And I drive on that road every day on the way to work.  The orange spray paint on the ground from measuring distances and speeds has finally worn off, and our hearts are healed.  The man’s injuries were non-life threatening, and he should heal up just fine.  We only hope and pray he finds healing in his life. So dear friends, drive carefully at night because you never know what will come your way. 

*Oh. And I wasn’t kidding about the fleeting thought going through my mind about seeing a thestral. It’s strange what your brain does in the seconds after a traumatic event. And apparently I watch too much Harry Potter. And if you readers get the point about seeing one, you also watch too much HP. Haha. 

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