Monday, November 25, 2013

The Thankful Post…..


Several of my friends have posted on Face Book the things they are thankful for.  I have always wanted to do this, but knew I would forget to post every day, so I thought I’d just do it all in one Blog Post. So here goes:

I am Thankful for:

1. A relationship with God.

2.A loving husband.

3.A close family. 

4.Friends who love me unconditionally.

5.For men and women who fought for my freedom. Without them I wouldn’t even be able to type up this list. It’s silly in comparison really.

6.The jobs that Jeremy and I both have.

7.My church. Jubilee has saved us several times. From ourselves, and from our electricity being shut off.

8.Our Pastors. Caring. Selfless. Willing to pray whenever.

9.My boss. Understanding. Caring. Gets it when “life” happens, and doesn’t balk when I have to call in sick or miss a day. Advocate for her staff. Awesome.

10.My co-workers. Even when Craziness ensues, we’ve got a great thing going on in our little preschool.

11.Life’s lessons. Although hard when going through them, I’m always stronger on the other side.

12.My Kitties. Even though Marvin is Mr. 5:00 A.M., he’s a sweet guy. And Luna the sensitive one. So sweet is she.

13.My car. I’ve got butt warmers in the seats. Nothing else need be said.

14.Negative test results.

15.My treadmill.

16.Hope. Without it, life would be boring.

17.My imagination. Although it may get me into trouble sometimes, I’m glad I have one for all of those crafty ideas.

18.Snowy days. I don’t like driving in snow, but there’s something about a cold snowy day at home that’s just so cozy and heart filling to me.

19.Food on the table.

20.Free television. Yes I miss ABC Family, Food Network, and HGTV, but choosing to not have them saves us 130 bucks a month.

21.Farmers Insurance. They’ve helped us on 3 occasions now.

22.New Friends.  Proof that I’m not such a weirdo. Haha.

23.Vacation days with Jeremy.

24.The ability to taste, smell, touch, see, feel, walk, talk, and move.


26.Apple TV. It allows us to have movie nights way cheaper than going to the theaters.

27.A roof over my head.

28.A week off from work. Wish it was a paid week off, but I’ll take it anyways!

29.A busy December. We made a pact that we wouldn’t hold back on doing fun Christmassy things this year.  So our calendar is full of fun things.

30.Hobby Lobby. It’s my happy place. I’m sure I’ll think of something much better to put at number 30 after I’ve gone live with this…but oh well. I love a good Hobby Lobby therapy!


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