Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying it out….


There are a lot of things on Pinterest that I’ve seen that I have wanted to try to see if it actually works.   I’ll demo one here today.

Waffle Iron Hash Brown.

Here is the original picture

I have a circular waffle iron, but I thought that I’d try it anyways.

Here is the iron:


The hash browns and cooking spray I used :


I added some to the iron:


I let it cook for what seemed to be two hours about 10 minutes. Different waffle irons take different amounts of time. I like my hash browns crispy, but that would have taken a lifetime a while when we were super ready for breakfast. Obviously you’d alter cooking times depending if you like your hash browns crispy or soft.

Here’s what the finished product looks like:


I gave Jeremy the first batch, and on mine I added an egg to it.  THAT was awesome! It cooked in no time at all!

With the egg:


The final verdict: It takes way too long.  I like to add EVOO to hash browns while they are cooking and I didn’t want to do that in my waffle iron. Why? Well because I didn’t want my next batch of waffles to have olive oil in them. Do you know how hard it is to clean a waffle iron?  I should have snapped a shot of the disaster this stuff left over! It’s going to be hard enough to get the spray out of the nooks and crannies. The egg cooking in it was fantastic! That is one thing I will take from this, and it was my own idea to add it! I didn’t see that one on pinterest, so I’ll claim it as my own. Hah!

I learned a great tip from a friend at church recently. She doesn’t belong to pinterest (even though I told her she should totally post this idea!!)  and is adamant about staying clear from it, so I told her I was going to share it on my blog.

Cutting green peppers has new meaning to me now. There really wasn’t any way I thought of doing it aside from the old slice it down the middle and then scoop out the seeds and white flesh. Well, friends, my eyes have been opened. 

Here we have a  green pepper just waiting to be cut.


Instead of cutting it down the middle, you’re going to cut right next to the stem on four sides. Here are my poor attempts at getting nice shots while Jeremy is cutting. Really. I know the photos are terrible.



After cutting all four sides, you have the white flesh and seeds leftover in on little square package that can be tossed into the trash.


SO much less mess than the old cut down the middle job.

I’m now hoping that no one else I know knew this trick.  Because if you did, you forgot to tell me about it!!

If you live in our neighborhood and see smoke pouring out of our yard. Don’t worry, we’re not on fire. Jeremy has found a new hobby in smoking food.


We’ve had a smoker for a while, but it just sat there because he hadn’t yet figured out how to use it correctly.  Well now since he’s actually figured it out he smokes ALL the time!  Yesterday we were sure the neighbors behind us had their A/C on because we smoked up the whole street. (Mind you it was in the 70’s….not really a need for A/C.)   At least for now this is a pretty cheap hobby.  Most of the things involved are under $20.  It’s a whole lot easier to fulfill his wish list of wants with this hobby than his computer hobby!  I’m super excited for when he’s ready to smoke ribs! He says he’s “not ready to do ribs” yet. I guess being the perfectionist he is, he’s got to get it down to an art first.  I’ll let you all know how it goes when he does get to the rib smoking part.

I thought I’d run out of things to post here on this blog after a while, but I really haven’t!  I’m quite surprised at that!  I guess it just means that my life isn’t as boring as I thought.



Or is it? 

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