Saturday, July 28, 2012

Honey Do……


On a regular basis, I have to remind, and remind, and remind, Jeremy to do something. I can’t place the blame on him though, because I should know by now that if I want something done, I must write it down, or email it to him.  This whole debacle got me thinking that I need to have something that is bright and in sight for him to see. Thus comes another use for the umpteen thousand pieces of scrapbooking paper I have upstairs in the craft room.

Disclaimer-I do know that umpteen thousand is not a real number.  Just thought I’d defuse that bomb before it explodes.

So.  I got a cheap-o wood frame from the Dollar Tree, some paint from Hobby Lobby, and got a piece of manly man paper from my paper selection to make an erasable Honey Do list.


I painted the frame a nice green color with a foam applicator, and cut the paper to size so it fits in the frame.


The glass allows me to write on it with a dry erase marker, and command strips allow me to hang it on the wall without a nail.


My next venture is a menu planner. I’ve seen a bunch of them on Pinterest that I like, but I’m still deciding which one I want to put the effort into.  I’m also working on envelopes made from double sided scrapbooking paper.  I’m going to use them to put money in so we can adopt the Dave Ramsey budget strategy.  I figured if I’m going to do it the Dave way, I can’t use plain white ugly envelopes. I have to “princess” it up a bit. 


Now for your viewing pleasure, wet Sox.


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