Friday, May 25, 2012

A good night for grilling…


It’s a lovely night out for grilling. We decided on Teriyaki burgers (much like the Banzai burger at Red Robin which I adore!), corn on the cobb, and baked beans. 


Jeremy’s back has been doing great! It’s been nice to have him do “guy” things again, like grilling the food, fixing odds and ends, and fixing things at the church. It makes my “girl” things that I do seem to be not such a chore when he’s able to contribute. Back pain is not a fun trial for anyone.  It throws off the whole flow of a house because one person is disabled to a point.  It’s rather depressing, too.

At work this week, the kids have been insane a little rambunctious. Of course with it being so close to school ending for the year, there are still funny things going on, and funny things that are said by the kiddos. Here are some funny things said that I still remember to this day from the past year:

*The kids were playing in the camping center, and 2 of them were inside the tent playing “family”. (Disclaimer: there are two sides of the tent open so we can still see them….if anyone was wondering.) As I was over at the easel getting out books, I hear girl #1 yell out from inside the tent “I can’t go! The baby’s constipated!!!”.

*I have a sweet boy in my class who has a speech delay in that he pronounces words incorrectly. On St. Patrick's Day this year we had colored their snack water green and read a couple of cute leprechaun books to the kids. At the end of the day we were reminiscing about all of the things the sneaky leprechaun did in our class, and the boy spoke up and said in his own sweet incorrect way “I went potty, and someone forgot to flush, and maybe that was the leprechaun too!!”.

*We have a boy who “gets” humor really well in our class, and says funny things ALL the time, but this week he said something that just cracked me up!  We have little plastic blenders that actually spin and that the kids can turn on, and I had looked over and saw that the boy had water inside the pitcher part of the blender. I was a little confused because we hadn’t put water into the water table yet, so I thought maybe it was left there over night or something. I asked him “where did you get the water from?” and he replied matter of factly “Where do you think I got it? From the sink!”  Little stinker!!!

*We have two boys who are cousins in our class, and they see each other quite a bit. One was working at the table with me while the other kiddos had gone off to their centers. When the other cousin walked past him, he leaned back and quietly said “Trout sniffer!”  Obviously I had to question him as to if he had heard that from Home Alone 2…and of course he did….and of course he was shocked that I, his teacher, had seen that movie.

It’s been a good year! Hopefully with the move of facilities, it will work out to be another good year!  I’ll miss all of my current kiddos who are moving on and going into kindergarten! Boooo! We have SO many of our kiddos moving on! 


The other night the cat was laying right next to Jeremy on the couch, and he decided that he was tired, so he leaned his face and nose up against the laptop screen. It was too cute!  It was hard to get this shot on my camera, because any little creak in the floor made him move his head. So I’d have to wait for him to put his head back down.


Until next time,


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