Friday, May 4, 2012

The Good Things…

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Mostly because I’ve had my soul sucked out of me by a Dementor been dealing with a range of emotions. I had a whole posting planned, but I didn’t want to bore everyone with another sob story about how crappy my life was for one weekend.  The good news is that I figured out that the Lord is my patronus puts people in your life for a reason. I got some much needed prayer, and all is better. The End.  Well, almost.  Jeremy didn’t get the job that he had applied for. It would have been a perfect fit for him, but alas, it wasn’t to be. So we’re still waiting for the blessing at the end of our adventure. Life isn’t boring around here that’s for sure!


Today I had lunch with my good friend Laura. We met back in the good old KinderCare days and I’m so glad to say that we’ve stayed friends ever since.  I’m not sure if she really knows how glad I am that we kept in touch, but I want her to know it. While at lunch today, she presented me with a fabulous scarf that she knitted! What a lovely surprise!  Here is a photo of it:IMAG0331She’s really good at it, and she does sell them at a reasonable price!  I can get you connected if you’re interested! I’m in the process of trying to persuade her to create an Etsy account to sell them on! Heehee! I’ll let you all know if she does it! 

Did you ever see the movie “Untamed Heart”?  I was recently reminded of a certain part in the movie when I had to buy crappy cheap-o pencil eye liner instead of the  expensive kind I usually get.  In the movie, the main character is getting ready and she takes her eyeliner and holds it in the flame of her lighter to get it soft. Here, take a look.  (Disclaimer-She does appear in her underwear, but it’s nothing you haven’t seen on a television commercial for undies and bras.)

Watch for the Eyeliner part! It comes around the 1 minute section.

 Well as I was trying to scrape on  apply the new pencil eyeliner, it just wouldn’t make a mark!! So I thought of the movie, grabbed my candle lighter, and gave it a shot.  It totally works!!!!  You do have to blow on it for a couple of seconds because if you apply it too quickly it looks like you melted a chocolate chip on your eyelid! (Yes, it did happen to me!)  So thank you, Marissa Tomei for helping me be successful at saving money!

Our cat has a shoe fetish.  He loves to lay in my stinky ballet flats for some reason.  Here he is in all of his glory, sitting with his paws tucked inside my stinky old shoe that just came off of my foot after a long day at preschool. Lord knows what kind of germs are inside that thing!!


I just heard that MCA from the Beastie Boys died today, so in homage to him, I’m going to post the video to the very first Beastie Boys song that Hetty and I performed on stage the deck at the house in Arvada.  It was around 1987, and we dressed in our hideous 80’s clothing, and used the dome of a barbecue grill as a drum. I don’t even remember my Mom protesting when we would put on fashion shows and rock concerts for her.  Anyways, here is the video:

The good times….


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