Monday, March 23, 2015

So….my husband was right.



Sheesh.  I hate to admit it, but on a couple of occasions, I should have just given in and listened to him right away without trying to make excuses.  Or trying to sway him to do things my way.  Or just shrugging off what he said.  Of course I don’t do that all the time. Mostly just on these occasions when he was right. So totally right.


About a year ago, Jeremy had mentioned that we should start to recycle.  Our HOA offers pick up for free, so he really wanted to.  Here was my reply- “Oh honey, we don’t really use much to have to recycle.”  And he politely listened without argument or discussion.  Fast forward to about 3 months ago.  We have a bin in the garage that he cleaned out, and he started to put recyclables into it.  Um.   Yeah.  We go through a lot of things that can be recycled!!

I stand totally corrected, and I’m in awe of our mass quantities of plastics and papers. 

This is 13 days worth of things that we were able to put into our bin-


We have almost this much every two weeks.


Here is my challenge to you.  For two weeks, get a box, or a trash bin, or even a rubber made bin, and put your recyclable items in it to see just how much you throw out.  I’m still shocked every time we put it all out at the curb.  

Reduce, re-use, recycle. 


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