Saturday, December 20, 2014

Top 14 photos of 2014…


I love the idea of sharing favorite photos from the year!  I saw this on another blog, and I decided to totally copy them!  Yes there will be MORE baby pictures, so if you’re irritated at the over sharing of them by now, click out of this post immediately! Hehe!


#1: This is from when Seth and I went to The Goonies quote along in January.  We had such a great time there! (Even though one of us ate so much candy/food that they almost puked in the theater.)



#2:  We had to practice using a carrier before the baby came, so Jeremy was the tester.  And we used the stuffed dog. It was either use the stuffed animal, or shove one of our cats into it. We thought this way would produce less scratch marks.



#3: I love this picture of Marvin.  Keep this one in mind, because most of the other pictures I post of him are when he’s being a naughty boy. Here he was just calmly looking out the window.


#4: Sweet little Luna.  She’s really branched out and likes to be close to us now.  She’s come a long way since we adopted her from the Denver Dumb Friends League.


#5: On of our first Ultrasounds.  Her head is at the right, and her long legs on the left.  You can also see her hand there above her tummy waving hello to us!


#6: Jeremy was painting my toenails since it was really hard to bend over to do it myself. He was such a help during my pregnancy.  You could see my legs and feet were starting to become swollen.


#7:  One of our maternity photos.  I can’t wait until she can fit into these cute shoes!


#8: I love this photo! I was around 8 months pregnant here.


#9: This is me in the hospital right before my contractions started to get really heavy.  The last photo of me before I became a parent.


#10: Knowing that our new baby has a nurturing father is such an amazing feeling. Everything is going to be just fine.


#11: Our first family selfie. In the middle of the night.  After the first of many middle of the night feeding sessions. 


#12: This is one my favorite photos of Vivian.  It was taken by the Bella Baby photographer at the hospital. After they take the pictures, they come back after a while so you can see a slideshow of the bunch.  Well, they also set it to music, and this was the very first one to pop up, and I just started crying my eyes out when I saw it!  It just made everything so real!


#13: Not every photo session goes as it’s planned. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it!  She was not a happy girl this day.


#14: Although this is a tad blurry, It’s so cute!



Bonus #15:  Such a statement.


After going through all of my photos, it made me realize that there are certain photos I need to take more of. Like more of family members. I’m going to add that to my list of goals for 2015.  I’m starting to make that list as we enter the new year. Can’t believe the blessings 2014 has brought. I pray 2015 is even better.

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