Sunday, February 19, 2012

She’s Crafty!

While looking around on Pinterest, I saw a couple of other bloggers who had a fantastic idea! I got tired of having to hunt in different places for papers and numbers and this and that, so when I happened upon this fantastical organization tool…I HAD to make one! What is it you say? A Home Binder. A what??  A. Home. Binder.   Basically what you do is get a 3 ring binder, (I had an old one sitting around) file separators, clear page protectors, a hole puncher, and viola.  You can start.

As you see here, I took some scrapbook paper, cut it to size, and slid it into the cover sleeves to make it look nice. I found a site here that had great free letter printouts, and I printed those off and glued them to the scrapbooking paper.

The next step is to decide on the dividers for your Home Binder. In mine I chose to make files for:

*Contacts- On this page we wrote contacts of our family members who should be reached if there is ever a problem.

*Emergency numbers-Basically I decided that if someone ever came over and something happened to one of us…the information would be here on this page.

*Budget-Here we have our budget sheets telling us what we are allowed to spend every month, what we make every month, and payment information for bills.

*Bills-Here is where we put a clear plastic sleeve to hold our bills that we receive that need to be paid. I got tired of them being in 2 places, so this way, they are safe and secure in one easy location.

*Medical-Obviously we keep any medical forms pertaining to doctor visits, medicine directions, health maintenance, and appointment reminders.

*Unemployment-Unfortunately I have to have a section for this, BUT having it here makes it SO easy to flip to it when we need to send a form or look over a form.

*Jobs-Any papers relating to work we will keep here.

*Calendar-I printed off a whole year calendar to put important family Birthdays,Anniversaries or milestones worth noting.

*Addresses-I’m still working on this part, but it will be a printout of all of my friends and families addresses. 

*Menus-Again. Nice to have at the flip of a page. We put all of the take out menus into a clear plastic sleeve unless it was a full page menu. In that case I just 3 hole punched it.


*Coupons-Again with the clear plastic sleeve.  Stick the coupons inside it and you’re set. The only problem is remembering to grab the coupons before you leave the house!


I did this whole book with $0.00. You got that right. Zero. I just looked around the house to see what I had and what I could use.  You could add any section you want to. I am going to add 2 more sections.  One section titled “Vacations” which will have addresses of places we like to visit, lodgings in the area, and so on, and another labeled “Businesses” which will have business cards for home repairs, or companies that we need to remember.  Think of what you could add to yours, and let me know when you make one! I’d love to see photos of your Home Binders!



P.S. Through this whole thing I noticed that I said “we” a lot. Not sure why I did that saying as how I was the one who made it! Lol!

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