Monday, February 18, 2013

One year Blogiversary.


So here I sit, 1 year after I decided to do a blog.  I spent an evening the other day reading through most of my postings just to look over what I wrote. I noticed one major thing.  I have GOT to figure out how to take better pictures! This statement alone has got me thinking about goals for the upcoming year.  I like to have a list of things to do, because once it’s done, I get to check it off, and then I can visually appreciate that I have accomplished something. So I am going to make a goal list here that everyone can see, and that I’ll be able to look back at and appreciate once I accomplish it.  Here goes:

*Figure out how to use the digital camera so my pictures don’t look like doody.

*Run a 5k.   I follow a blog called Runs For Cookies, and have built up this curiosity about actually running in a race.  I’ll have to get some  supplies first, and I need to start the couch to 5k program.   I’ve already got a running partner to hold me accountable, and it looks like April is our go month.

*Make a  duvet cover for our bed.  Yes I can sew a beautiful grand Renaissance dress. Yes I can sew a bodice and chemise. Yes I can sew a bride into her dress in an emergency (been there, done that). But for the life of me I have the hardest time sewing a really long strait line! What gives??  

*Take more pictures of Jeremy and I as a couple.  I have maybe 3 pictures of us together from the whole year. Pretty pathetic.  I’d like to have more taken so I can actually have more to post or scrapbook with.

*This one may be silly….but it’s important to me.  Mop the kitchen floor more. I can’t stand a dirty kitchen or house, but for some reason, the kitchen floor is the one thing that I kind of ignore “forget” about. I’d like to find new carpets for in front of the fridge, sink, and stove. 

I think this list is good for now.  I don’t want to make so many goals that I can’t get to the big ones. (5K!) 

If you have followed my blog, you may remember this post where I made a three tier flower pot piece.  Well, winter has been cruel to it. Very cruel.  I’m going to have to turn it around so the words face the house because I can’t think of anything that will adhere to the plastic. Here is what it looks like now:

IMAG0103 (1)

Do you see all of the colored spots where the glue was sprayed?  Such a bummer. Lesson learned.

Jeremy brought me flowers one day (and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day!), and there were these pretty flowers that look like purple cabbage, but smelled like roses. SO strange!  I loved them!


Until next time,



  1. Get a small paint brush and some black paint... oil...and paint the words on the pots. I know you can do it!
    And the duvet cover, just sew a bunch of short a bit, stop, adjust, sew some more, repeat. I can't sew ANY of the things you mentioned but I made a tee shirt quilt for Brittany with all of her old tees. Two sided!!
    ~Aunt Gina

    1. I'll have to try your suggestions. :)

  2. I'll do a 5K with you

  3. I'll do a 5K with you
    Michelle Wheeler